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Yoko! :D This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of my holy grails which I managed to aquire from Mandarake like a year ago. Exquisit sculpt, awesome character and yeah … just look at her. Nuff said. :) Surprisingly she isn’t the most expensive of my grails … that award would go to another lady .. I might want to post some pics of her tomorrow. XD



「The Muse of Range Murata」デコマスご紹介!

Pre-orders start on the 18th!

Beautiful shots! Def gonna get her!


Didn’t notice this yesterday, but are those fabric clothes? That’s kinda… creepy. (fullsize: 1,2)


AKARI IS HERE!!! ☀️☀️☀️


This pre-order announcement has me beyond excited! Phat Company’s Ryuko Matoi: Kamui Senketsu Ver. from Kill la Kill! I adore this series and I even love this figure more so! I can’t wait to get her into my hands!! Get yours now at the Good Smile Company Online Shop!

-Mamitan <3